Quick safety check for temporary staff

During maintenance stops, for example at a power plant, hundreds of contractors and subcontractors are all busy at the same time to get the job done. The GoWorkforce Contractor, Risk & Management software by IQ-Pass offers a solution that significantly reduces the time needed for registering and monitoring all the staff.

One of the largest electricity producers in the Netherlands uses the GoWorkforce SaaS ‘Online registration’ solution in combination with its own access system. Maintenance stops are carried out about twenty times a year at various locations. Production is shut down for a few days in order to carry out major maintenance. This has to be done as efficiently as possible to avoid unnecessary downtime. Strict security rules also apply, which means that the identity of all staff on the premises, as well as the validity of their certificates and permits, need to be checked. Without GoWorkforce, this would be an arduous and long process with the added risk of more errors. What’s more, the company would use up a lot of its capacity.

Uploading data in advance
GoWorkforce enables contractors and subcontractors to upload the data of their employees in advance. The data is linked directly to the specific project in the modular SaaS environment. When arriving at the gate, the identity of the employees only needs to be checked once, after which they receive their temporary access pass. Employees’ details are retained so that they don’t have to be re-entered in a subsequent project. However, it still has to be checked whether the relevant certificates are valid. These can be welding certificates, SCC certificates or scaffolding construction certificates, for example.

Selecting contractors only

The client has the authority to determine which qualifications contractors, subcontractors and their employees should meet. The organisation ultimately only has to select the contractors and possible subcontractors. They in turn register their own employees, and the data is then extracted from GoWorkforce. The employers of the staff on site are responsible for ensuring that the assigned employees have the correct qualifications. Because an additional personal check takes place at the start of each project, fraud involving identity and certification is virtually impossible. The access passes provided can only be used during the project in question.