Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


IQ-Pass believes that intelligent technology contributes to simplifying , supporting and speeding up processes, with the aim of helping the people and organisations involved to work better and more efficiently, and allowing them to fully focus on core tasks.
Partly because of the above, the mission of IQ-Pass is to become the market leader in high-quality & intelligent total solutions in Safety & Security, with a focus on (temporary) access control tailored to the needs of you as the customer and in line with laws and regulations.

Key: giving “peace of mind” to our customers using a professional approach


Access control management stands for much more than the word suggests: it creates added value that extends to deep within the organisation and beyond its domain. In the environment of our customers in the industrial, construction, maritime and offshore sectors, compliance, scalability, flexibility and efficiency are critical factors.

Three months of a major ship overhaul by hundreds of technicians hired in from different contractors and subcontractors and with widely varying nationalities, spread over several crew changes per day? Quick turnaround on an industrial site where the number of workers suddenly increases sixfold from 400 to 2500 people? These are situations that can cause an entire organisation to end up in instant gridlock.

The scalable solutions of IQ-Pass offer the solution. They efficiently manage large visitor increases and unforeseen employee movements. All compliance and safety aspects are also taken care of, using a minimum of human intervention.

By capturing and presenting data in a structured manner, IQ-Pass even provides business intelligence solutions for operational processes, which traditional access management solutions simply cannot offer, such as comprehensive hourly reports and the registration of your internal staff, external contractors and subcontractors. In this way, we provide strategic management information and can be of great added value in implementing cost savings.

IQ-Pass is the leading authority in providing “complete peace of mind” for its customers. It minimises the risks by offering temporary, robust and representative access control hardware and software solutions for people and vehicles, at locations where safety and control are essential and people are central.

Key words: quality, eye for detail, professionalism, knowledge, flexible and broad portfolio