IQ-Pass provides advanced SaaS management for temporary and permanent sites

A lot of people know IQ-Pass from the complete and robust temporary access solutions on construction sites and at event venues. A less visible component is the SaaS solution behind these products. IQ-Pass developed one of the most comprehensive modular Contractor, Risk & Management software solutions that is available in the market.

For construction sites, but certainly for industrial objects, it is crucial and sometimes literally of vital importance to know who enters and who is inside. This is relatively easy to organise in a building, but there are many additional challenges for temporary outdoor locations. What’s more, it is quite common that employees of constantly changing subcontractors use the system. ‘Standard’ access software isn’t always designed for circumstances such as this. That is why IQ-Pass developed its own platform, based on the practical working environments of its target groups, including building sites, event venues and industrial complexes.

Modular set-up
The platform uses cloud-based technology and customers only pay licence fees for the modules or functionalities they need. This is tailored and set up during an intake meeting with the client. The ‘People’ module is the most important and comprehensive. It records employees’ personal data, but also their access rights, which may depend on the validity of security certificates, for example. Seeing as the platform is accessed from the cloud, it is also relatively simple to give people access rights for multiple locations. This is particularly useful when working on large-scale construction projects; one person can be authorised for all sites at once if needed. As soon as an employee’s SCC certification expires, the system automatically denies access. A very powerful extra feature is the ability to assign role-specific qualifications. For example: compulsory welding certificates for welders or compulsory scaffolding construction certificates for scaffold builders.

Identity fraud
IQ-Pass 2.0 also contains functions to prevent identity fraud. The process using IQ-Pass is extremely reliable and, in a matter of seconds, answers the question of whether a passport, ID card or residence permit is genuine, or whether the person is entitled to work in the Netherlands in accordance with the NEN 4400-1 standard. This can save the customer having to pay hefty penalties and helps prevent accidents.

Another component is the ‘Organisations’ module, which makes it possible to authorise an organisation for the main contractors. The module helps minimise the administrative burden for main contractors by automating the process and requirements for each individual organisation. One of the purposes of Contractor, Risk & Management software is to prevent double entry of organisations and individuals. With the VIES service, for example, users can automatically check the VAT number. An organisation can only be authorised once all the required documentation (depending on the customer’s specifications) has been submitted. It is also possible to create a digital organisation file, where all desired data can be recorded per subcontractor to ensure that all documents of every organisation are up to date. This file can then serve as the primary infrastructure for establishing and streamlining the procurement process for sub-contracting.

Other modules
The ‘Projects’ module is used to check whether laws within the framework of the Sequential Liabilities Act are complied with. It also gives a clear picture of the assets and investments per project. The ‘Types of work’ module links jobs to specialist employees with corresponding qualifications. This in turn can be linked to the ‘Access Control’ module, which regulates who can enter which areas and under what conditions. Working hours are registered with the ‘Time registration’ module, which also supports the legally required gate administration. There are far-reaching links with administrative systems for project registration and cost calculations. The ‘Presence’ module makes it easy to determine exactly who is present at a specific location at any time of day, for instance in an emergency situation that requires full evacuation. Furthermore, there are modules that give management insight into the entire process on site, keep track of the training courses that people have attended, and show which data belongs to which employee.
The SaaS modules of GoWorkforce are fully compliant with the GDPR and are continuously revised to ensure they continue to meet current laws and regulations, respond to technological advancements and, of course, meet the needs of the customer.

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