Akzo Nobel

AkzoNobel is an international leader in paints and coatings for consumers and industry, and producer of specialist chemicals. In March 2014, a massive turnaround project took place at the Botlek business park that involved major maintenance work for AkzoNobel and Shin-Etsu, a leading vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) producer. The number of people on the site was six times higher than average.

To manage this additional influx of people, AkzoNobel used IQ-Pass access control. AkzoNobel’s own access control system was outdated and was unable to cope with the capacity requirements.
After a thorough analysis, IQ-Pass came up with a practical solution: six barriers, five turnstiles and three double reader columns to control the sliding gate already being used.

AkzoNobel: “IQ-Pass was the only provider to offer a no-nonsense total package. By making efficient use of the generated data in access control, we we able to save greatly in costs. The software linking the data of the working hours data the payroll meant we no longer needed to enter it manually. Verification of the time registration against the declared hours made it impossible for staff to declare more hours than they actually worked. And let’s not forget, the fines that are imposed on companies if the working limit of twelve hours a day is exceeded are incredibly high. Thanks to the reliable access control and compliance with that control, we could avoid sky-high penalties in case of an inspection by the labour inspectorate.”