We present our robust and powerful Speedgate!

Usually a barrier is sufficient for a temporary location, but if there are a lot of objects that are susceptible to theft or if there are other important reasons to keep unauthorised persons out, the Xentry speedgate of IQ-Pass offers a solution. It opens and closes very fast, which makes “hitchhiking” practically impossible. The speedgate forms as it were an extension of the fence. If necessary, the bars can be closed with a cloth to prevent people from looking through.

The speed gate closes fully automatically after a vehicle has passed. It can be operated in many ways. With a push button on the location, with a badge, with a license plate camera, but also remotely, for instance via the user-friendly access software GoWorkforce.

The Xentry speedgate is certified according to EN13241-1 and is provided with a large number of safety systems to prevent unintentional closing and crushing. The Speedgate can be installed in the ground or on a hard surface and the threshold can be equipped with wedges.

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