Heerema Marine Contractors

The Heerema Group is a major player in the maritime oil and gas industry. The core competence of Heerema Marine Contractors is the transport, installation and removal of offshore facilities. This includes permanent and temporary structures, undersea pipelines, as well as infrastructure in shallow, deep and very deep waters. It goes without saying that maintaining Heerema Group’s ships involves a great deal of complex work.

The Balder, one of Heerema’s crane ships, was recently on the dry dock for maintenance in Rotterdam. While the maintenance work was being carried out, another ship, the ‘Hotel Ship’, was also moored in the port where maintenance workers of different nationalities were staying on board. This meant that access control needed to be put in place for different zones.

For De Balder we set up the entire access control process during the three-month maintenance project. Using a carefully prepared estimate, we determined the number of people and the required resources, such as the type of turnstiles, fencing and possibly barrier gates. In close collaboration with Heerema and Seris Security, we developed the software behind the access control into a customised solution. This gave Heerema the tools it needed to guarantee full compliance with laws and regulations. Further implementation of the software ensured maximum unanimity with internal regulations.

For ‘Hotel Ship’, contractors could register their workers through GoWorkforce before they reported in person at the harbour gate. All information, including passport details, work permits and certificates, had to be entered in advance. This meant that when the teams reported to the security officer and a final ID-Scan was processed, they were issued with a pass that already had all the access rights pre-programmed.

Heerema was given full insight into who was where and at what time on both ships. In the event of an emergency, a real-time report showed exactly which persons were still in which zone. On a site with a daily occupancy of between five and six hundred people, this was indispensable.

You can watch the video here.