Turnstile low

Low 3-armed turnstile that can be set up both indoors and outdoors where circumstances don’t allow for a high turnstile to be installed. Available with access readers for IQ-Soft, with the additional option to connect the readers of your existing access control system to the turnstile. The turnstile comes with a base plate and a separation gate.


  • Power supply: 230/16 with CEE plug
  • Exterior dimensions: 234 x 100
  • Number of turnstiles: 1
  • Pedestrian gate; yes
  • Material: Coated Steel
  • Capacity: up to 600 people an hour


  • Compact turnstile
  • Can be connected to virtually all access control systems
  • Quick installation thanks to plug & play installation
  • Suitable for narrow entrances
  • Access control readers for IN and/or OUT (optional)
  • 4G connection (optional)
  • People counter (optional)