Turnstile 1T

The Turnstile 1T regulates the access control for up to 600 people an hour and can be completely locked with one touch of a button.

The 1T comprises a 10-foot container equipped with electronic roller door and a heavy-duty electromagnetic turnstile. Using the coupling tubes, the turnstile 1T quickly becomes part of the fence. What’s more, the Plug ‘n Play system enables you to interconnect multiple 1Ts, thus making it easy to scale up the access control in case of capacity issues.

In combination with GoWorkforce, the access control process is virtually fully automated. If an employee’s work profile is invalid or incomplete (e.g. due to the person’s ID expiring), access can be blocked automatically to ensure that no unauthorised persons are admitted to the premises when the labour inspectorate checks.

  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 243 x 200 x 290 cm
  • Weight: 2250 KG
  • Material: galvanised / coated steel
  • Supply voltage: 220 V
  • Turnstiles: heavy duty, motor driven
  • Entry capacity: up to 600 people an hour
  • Software access control: IQ-PASS Access Control
  • System Capacity: 30,000 users
  • Access tickets: RFID tags (cards or key rings)
  • Readers: RFID multi-card readers

Tourniquet 1T