Temporary access control active within 24 hours

In the fight against COVID-19, access control has now become more important than ever. At the same time, you don’t want this to result in more close contact between people. IQ-Pass has come up with solutions for an automated access control process that can be installed in just 24 hours.

These are challenging times for many businesses. Besides the economic impact, we are faced with introducing new procedures that are needed to contain the spread of the coronavirus. One example is the measures that have been put in place to regulate the number of visitors in supermarkets. This can be done with technical solutions, but the problem then arises how to quickly get them to work properly. The solutions of IQ-Pass are basically turnkey and can be used straight away, complete with software, laptop and other accessories. It can be a turnstile (waist-height or full-height), but also a raising arm barrier to secure sites and buildings against unauthorised entry.
Access is granted by means of an access pass, remote control or, for example, face recognition. There is also a turnstile available including a lockable porter’s lodge to guarantee the safety of the employee or security guard. What if there is already an access control system on the premises? Then the hardware solutions of IQ-Pass can easily be linked to the existing system to increase the capacity quickly and efficiently.

Additional features
The access systems can be installed either as an standalone system or in a larger variant, for example as a sea container unit. This makes them extremely practical to transport and place. IQ-Pass is quite accustomed to delivering temporary solutions within 24 hours and is therefore able to set up the administrative system in next to no time. The specialists work closely with parent company Boels, which can provide additional facilities such as fencing, vehicle mounted signs, a mobile kitchen or sanitary facilities. Because of this experience with temporary projects, all the client really has to do is place an order. The specialists at IQ-Pass take care of the rest, offering advice on any additional requirements and securing the site within a day. Demand is high at the moment, but due in part to postponed events, there are currently plenty of access units available. IQ-Pass itself is operating at full strength, so that it can handle the sudden demand for secure and regulated access.

For more information, you can visit the website.

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