Rederij Jaczon

Rederij Jaczon is an internationally operating shipping company that focuses on fishing, fish processing and the transport of chilled and frozen products. Seven fishing vessels from Jaczon’s fleet in Scheveningen catch and process the fish of Scheveninger Best, the first quality mark for Dutch fresh fish.

The stern trawler “SCH-24 Afrika”, one of Jaczon’s fishing vessels, was on the dry dock of Damen Ship Repair in Vlissingen for maintenance. The work involved retrofitting the refrigeration and freezer systems. In order to register and check who boarded the ship during the maintenance, an access control was needed.

Jaczon contacted IQ-Pass to set up the access control system for the Safety & Security of the ship “De Afrika”. The verification, registration, management and monitoring of the staff and visitors aboard “De Afrika” was paramount, aimed at maximising safety and minimising the risks.
With the help of the Control Gate XL of IQ-Pass, a secure access control and registration system for staff and visitors was set up successfully for Jaczon. Besides the two turnstiles, an additional walk-through gate gave access to persons with light tools. It also served as an extra escape route in the event of an emergency evacuation. The integrated porter’s lodge with fixed desk was ideal for monitoring all visitors and personnel going through the turnstiles and onto the ship.

Jaczon also had GoWorkforce Professional Online installed in addition to the hardware, enabling them to make personalised passes that give access to the gate. With the system in place, Jaczon could view hourly reports and print real-time emergency lists, and it could keep exact track of who was on “De Afrika”, at what times and for what reason.
As many as twelve hundred visitors could gain access per hour, offering an efficient solution that resulted in considerable time and cost savings for Jaczon. Personnel could swiftly get to their place of work and the access pass also ensured they didn’t need to sign in every time.

The GoWorkforce platform limited the risks relating to legislation and regulations, such as checking the A1 certificate, work permits, but also the Working Hours Act and the Sequential Liability Act. All staff members and visitors were checked on the data and documents required for access. Unauthorised persons were refused.
GoWorkforce also provided a clear overview of all card users and insight into their work hours, making the productivity measurable.