IQ-Pass delivers mobile and complete access system to MBN

IQ-Pass has installed a mobile access system for MBN, a customer in the construction industry. The project was commissioned by an industrial company in Bad Essen.

Using the IQ-Pass 2.0 Basic software, MBN is now able to process all employee data and the associated essential documentation online and in real time. It uses control elements via customs or other authorities. According to IQ-Pass, the client is always assured of complete and up-to-date information concerning which employees are present on site, the working hours, minimum wages and working documents such as A1 or SCC certificates.
The solutions of IQ-Pass have the advantage that they are comprehensive and that they are the standard sea container size. As a result, they can be (re)positioned very quickly. The unit for MBN has a turnstile, readers, software and even a security officer’s lodge.