IQ-Pass protects enormous construction site in Germany

IQ-Pass also operates across the border. One exciting project is for an massive construction site near Erfurt in Germany. Several companies are involved in the construction of the € 1.8 billion factory. The latest IQ-Pass products ensure that only authorised persons can access the premises.

The security of the construction site is in the hands of Ciborius Security Services, which is based in Frankfurt am Main and operates across Germany. It has branch offices in Berlin, Mannheim, Stuttgart and Erfurt, where it provides security for the new factory construction of Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL). The client is a Chinese company that manufactures Lithium-Ion accumulators for electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The main contractor is Exyte Central Europe.

Temporary access management

On behalf of IQ-Pass, Peter-Paul Schuttwolf coordinates the systems for temporary access management. “Besides Ciborius, four other security companies submitted bids for this project,” he says. “What’s striking is that all five security companies recommended our products. That was proof enough for the client that there wouldn’t be any issues. After a number of meetings with Ciborius and the other stakeholders, we were awarded the contract to supply the security systems for this enormous construction project, which, once completed, will cover sixty hectares and provide work for two thousand people.”

Advanced software

The project includes one Control Gate XL, two mobile check-in/check-out boxes, four vehicle entry gates and computer equipment to manage the systems and print RFID cards.