Crowd Gate

Connect the crowd gate to your (E)-ticket system in no time thanks to the plug & play concept, simple modular construction and fast installation time.

Whether for horse riding events, car races on the track or music festivals with thousands of spectators, the possibilities are endless. With the Crowd Gate turnstile you provide safe, fast and stylish access for large groups of people. The Crowd Gate is a mobile unit with six SkiData electronic turnstiles and multiple card readers, offering access for up to 6,000 people an hour. The technology used makes fraud virtually impossible and gives organisers and emergency services real-time information about visitor numbers and crowd flow. The software and the operating system can be accessed via UMTS, Wi-Fi and internet. The turnstiles of the gates automatically revert to their resting position in emergency situations and guarantee optimum free passage. This function can also be controlled separately for each gate. The Crowd Gate operates in both directions, and therefore counts arriving as well as departing visitors. This means you always know how many people are at your event; a reassuring feeling.

  • Turnstile: heavy duty, motor driven
  • Entry capacity: up to 6,000 people an hour
  • Software access control: IQ-PASS Access Control
  • Dimensions when closed: (LxWxH) 600 x 200 x 320 cm.
  • Dimensions when open: (LxWxH) 600 x 840 x 320 cm.
  • Weight: 4,500 kg
  • Material of housing: steel
  • Entry width: 82 cm.
  • Material of step: 5 mm aluminium.
  • Operation: Gate computer (Optional: network, internet)

Crowd Gate iq pass