Contractor Management Software

Temporary or permanent access control and monitoring who is on site, comprehensive pre-registration of workers by your subcontractors, registration of hours worked on projects: it’s all very easy and efficient with the GoWorkforce software of IQ-Pass.
The software boasts an exceptional range of functions and features, has a modular structure and offers a very powerful and secure cloud-based solution.
GoWorkforce supports companies in complying with laws and regulations and ensures significant efficiency improvement in the registration of contractors.

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People registered




Hours registered


Online registration of persons

IQ-Soft makes sharing information between databases possible and registers its users on one central platform.  

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Central Diploma Register

Using the real-time link with the Central Diploma Register, all details of the requested VCA diploma (SCC) are automatically filled in.  

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Site Safety Exams

Following site-safety instructions and taking site-safety exams, as well as gate instructions, can be included in the online registration process for persons.


The A1 certificate is a statement from the tax office in a country where the employer resides and where social security contributions are paid.   

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Work permit

All persons with a nationality outside the EEA (+ Croatia) are required to have a valid work permit.

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Training and qualifications

Registering the required training and qualifications is an important feature of IQ-Soft and contributes to a safe working environment.

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The 'Organisations' module plays a central role in IQ-Pass 2.0 and is interchangeable.

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Projects/Liability of Subcontractors

This module allows you to create multiple projects directly from your IQ-Soft environment.  

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Role types

This module can be used to define role types for each project or within an organisation.

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Access control 

With this module, you can manage the entire access control process to your site from IQ-Soft.  

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Time registration

The main reason for time registration is to have a thorough analysis of the hours worked at a location.  

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The 'Events' module makes it possible to check exactly which pass has been used.

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Gate instructions

This seven-step module can be used to integrate instructions into tests.

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My Account

This is where all the information associated with an account is collected.

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Online identity verification  

IQ-Pass has integrations with the online identity verification services of Datachecker and Keesing.  

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