AllSeas is one of the world leaders in the offshore industry, specialising in the execution of large and complex projects for oil and gas transport. AllSeas was facing a major challenge that for the most part had to do with the existing laws and regulations and the ISPS code: always knowing who is on the ship at what time. In its search for a solution, the company was led to IQ-Pass.

The combination of our hardware and software enables companies to meet the requirements of the central government more efficiently. The GoWorkforce Premium software package covers all European and national legislation and regulations relating to payroll tax, sequential liability and the working time laws.

GoWorkforce provides full digital administration of payroll tax and personnel identity, the individual salary of hired-in staff, valid residence or work permits and sequential liability when working with subcontractors.

GoWorkforce process

  • An online and offline summary of all essential data.
  • Clear analyses.
  • Obligation to identify and verify.
  • On-site staff presence is monitored and kept up to date.
  • Emergency list.
  • Workload administrative processes reduced by eighty percent.
  • Laws and regulations are complied with and Labour Inspectorate fines are prevented.

GoWorkforce solution

The solution can be divided into three main parts:

  1. An online registration management site with a system that guarantees full control and enforcement of officially required documents. This saves up to eighty percent in time with the legally required process of staff identification and verification, as well as with administrative processes.
  2. The crew change module makes the legislation and regulations transparent in terms of the number of hours worked. As a result, process control is safeguarded and hours actually worked are verified against clocked hours.
  3. The system takes the maritime ISPS Code regulations into account, for example with an emergency list.

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